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How to Use UltraLaps

1.  Place Master Lap on platen.  Do not turn on power.

2.  Drip a small amount of water around the lap.

3.  Remove one Ultralap from the package and place it, shiny side down, on the Master Lap.  The water between the Ultralap and Master Lap should form enough of a seal to keep the Ultralap from wrinkling during use.  Remember - the oxide polish is on the dull side of the Ultralap.

4.  Screw down the laps.

5.  Turn on machine and drip water on the Ultralap during polishing.  You will need to experiment to see what the correct amount of drip is for your polishing.  Some faceters find it better to use a lot of water, others prefer less drip.

6.  Use light - medium pressure on the lap.


With correct use of Ultralaps, you should be able to polish between 2 - 7 stones per lap.

Tip:   Sometimes reversing direction of lap rotation aids polishing.  Always turn machine off before changing rotation direction.  Failure to do so will burn out the controller on the machine.


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